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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  July 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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started. two americans identified among the more than 80 people killed during a bastille day celebration in france. and people take their fears and concerns to the u-s capitol to call attention to gun violence and police brutality. good morning washington.
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today: hot again, but not quite as humid. isolated afternoon thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w 4-8 mph tonight: mild, but comfortable. lows: 69-75 winds: light saturday: seasonably warm. a few pm thunderstorms. highs: 87-91 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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more now on a breaking story.. the deadly terror attack in nice .. in southern france. 84 people are now reported dead, and the city is in lockdown. several children are among the victims including americans -- 51-year old sean copeland and his 11-year old son brodie. the incident
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as people were celebrating bastille day. a man drove a truck onto the sidewalk for more than a mile, mowing down people. he also fired a pistol into the crowd. police shot and killed the driver. they found firearms, explosives, and grenades in the truck. police say the driver was a 31-year-old man from nice of tunisian origin. france's president had been about to end the state of emergency that was declared after the terror attack in paris. but it's now been extended for another three months. the man who shot two prince george's county firefighters back in april, now faces charges... but not for the actual shooting. instead, a grand jury indicted homeowner darrell lumpkin on weapons charges. this is because of a prior criminal conviction, lumpkin was not allowed to own a gun. lumpkin says he mistook th
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intruders when he shot them back in april. firefighter and paramedic john ulmschneider was killed in that shooting. kevin swain, a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter is recovering from his injuries. lumpkin faces up to sixty years in prison if convicted on all counts. a man accused of fatally shooting an ice-cream truck driver in frederick has been convicted of first-degree murder. a jury deliberated for less than two hours yesterday before convicting 28-year-old larnell lyles. brandon brown was killed last summer, as children waited in line for ice cream. another worker in the truck told police the shooting was unprovoked. but an attorney for lyles says brown had been stalking lyles for months over a 20 dollar debt. sentencing is set for september eighth. issues of race and policing were front and center during a town hall meeting hosted by president obama. that event aired last night during prime time right here on abc seven. president obama heard concerns from people who said they had been profiled by police -- and from police officials and
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who want to help ensure officers' safety. the president said he was pleased to see so many people from different backgrounds willing to sit down to talk about the issues. president obama said community policing and training officers to de-escalate conflicts will help improve relations with people of color -- but he noted that cities will have to find ways to pay for those programs. at the same time in the district -- calls for change, amid all the unrest in our country. a group, came together on capitol hill... their messages were different, speaking out against gun violence, police brutality and other issues impacting our country... but as roz plater shows us, their end goal was the same: peace. deondre 13-16 emily 17-23 rev betty 36-45 ebony 105-110 roz 117-end source: th 11p n pkg capitol protest + gmw tag at thsite1feed9pm tc 22:12:55
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still ahead -- questions over an amber alert.
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why thousands of people were excluded, from the alert about a six-week-old baby this week. and the heat is going down a bit but the humidity is here to stay. eileen whelan tells us about possible rain today and this weekend
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today: hot again, but not quite as humid. isolated afternoon thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w 4-8 mph tonight: mild, but comfortable. lows: 69-75 winds: light saturday: seasonably
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thunderstorms. highs: 87-91 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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coming up -- the cost of being rude. a virginia coffee shop trying to
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be nicer.
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government work" is meant to be an insult. it applies to reconstruction efforts in afghanistan.
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following up on concerns we first
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tuesday. a 6-week old infant- believed to be in danger. but several local communities - never got the amber alert! turns out - it's because of human error. a virginia state police sergeant mistakenly left alexandria and arlington off the amber alert notification list. authorities admit it was a clerical oversight that has been corrected. the alert- had a happy ending - with the child found. her mother was taken into custody.
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turning now to the race for the white house. a second name on the ticket for donald trump. sources confirm to abc news that indiana governor mike pence accepted trump's offer to be his running mate. there's been heavy speculation about it all week. pence is wrapping up his first term as governor. election law prevents him from running for re-election while on another ticket. prior to being elected governor, he served 12 years in congress. he's well-liked by social conservatives, and he's expected to have significant impact in key swing states. trump was supposed to make the official announcement this morning at trump tower in new york- but delayed it because of last night's attack in france. and we won't know hillary clinton's vice presidential pick until late next week. yesterday, she campaigned with someone who's on her short list- virginia senator tim kaine. the two appeared together in annandale. clinton is expected to announce her pick next friday - as the republican national convention wraps up. stay with us as the political conventions unfold over the next two weeks. chief political corre
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scott thuman will be live in cleveland next week for the republican conventin. he'll have live reports all week long, here on abc-7 and our sister station newschannel 8. be nice, or pay up. that's the message from a coffee shop in roanoke. the shop is rewarding politeness.. with a drop in prices. take a look at the sign at "cups" coffee and tea. if you just say "one small coffee" - it'll cost you five bucks. but a simple "please" at the end can drop your cost down to three bucks... and saying hello, saves you even more! shop employees say it started as a joke - but now, they're hoping it spreads a larger message. at xx time for weather. toss to eileen
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it's going to be another hot day, but it won't feel quite as bad as yesterday. in fact, there are no heat advisories in effect today. highs will climb into the low to mid 90s, but humidity levels will be a bit lower than yesterday, so feels like temperatures through the afternoon will be in the mid 90s compared to the lower 100s yesterday. a stray storm is possible between
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plans will be nice, so get out and enjoy the slightly lower humidity! this weekend will be pretty typical for this time of year. high temperatures will reach around 90 degrees both days. there will be a risk for a few thunderstorms tomorrow evening between 5-9 pm. sunday looks drier with a mix of sun and clouds. our heat wave continues into early next week. we start off the work week monday with highs in the mid 90s. strong storms are possible tuesday, as our next front approaches. have a great day & a wonderful weekend! stay cool!
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it's xxx. up next -- more time to cool down in the
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details on the new pool times in the city being offered today.
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state dinner at the white house. 56 young aspiring chefs attended yeste
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a winning recipe. the event was part of michelle obama's "let's move" initiative. each table was decked out in a garden theme.. to promote healthy eating. because of the heat wave.. some outdoor public pools in d.c. will be open later than usual today. they'll close at nine p.m. instead of eight p.m. the pools with the extended hours include banneker, francis, upshur, harry thomas, theodore hagans, randall, and oxon run. you can beat the heat at a number of cooling centers, set up across the area. to find one near you just head to wjla-dot-com. we've got a full list right there for you. it's xx and the news continues on good morning washington at 5am we'll continue to update to the tragic story out of france
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france ahead. a one man wrecking crew plows into a packed crowd killing dozens. we'll have the very lastest.. plus, one man is dead after police involved shooting in baltimore. what prompted officers to open fire. cant take the heat? well we have more in store today. straight ahead a look at a very humid day. good morning washington. toss to eileen today: hot again, but not quite as humid. isolated afternoon thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w 4-8 mph tonight: mild, but comfortable. lows: 69-75 winds: light saturday: seasonably warm. a few pm thunderstorms.


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